Audit of Lease Performance

The law office of Donald R. Johnson, P. C., assists clients with oil and gas lease audits  by initiating, structuring, evaluating and completing auidts. Donald has substantial experience in Virginia and West Virginia in civil litigation resulting from lease audits and enforement of lease provisions.  The audit function  is crucital in assuring that leases and other important documents  in oil and gas development are in compliance with the terms of  each lease, including the interpretation of the lease provisions, the compliance with the terms of each lease, the proper measurment of oil or gas produced , and the payment of royalties based on the actual price paid by the purchaser of the gas as well as compliance wiith any index pricing involved in the lease provisions. Donald believes that any audit properly conducted should prove positive for the lessor. Donald has worked with other oil and gas professionals who assist with audits. Donald welcomes the opportunity to assist clients wiho desire auditing of leases.

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